Mariage Frères VERT PROVENCE

Mariage Frères VERT PROVENCE

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Vert Provence - Mariage Frères

Product characteristics: 
Mariage Frères
Country:  France
Region: Paris
Size: 30 Tea Bags

Type: Green Tea 

Vert Provence tea has bright, bold and fruity flavors with flourishes of red berries and tropical fruit and a subtle floral finish.

The hinterland of Provence in southern France explodes with plants, flowers, and fruit that all boast heady scents. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, broom, juniper, heather, and boxwood dot hills and plateaus; forests of silvery mimosa colour the mountains of Maures and Estérel, and roses, tulips, jasmine, and violets blanket Grasse; finally, golden fruit trees (lemon, orange) light up the Riviera.
In order to recreate the magic of southern France, Mariage Frères has taken a grand green tea with a flowery, slightly grassy scent, and blended it with fruits from Provence, dominated by ripe red and black berries, creating an intense bouquet that is round in the mouth, concentrated in flavour, supported by the warm aroma of mellow lavender and the sweetness of rose petals..” - Mariage Frères

Characteristics : #Fruity & flowery   #Rose   #Green Tea