Mariage Frères MIRABEAU

Mariage Frères MIRABEAU

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Mirabeau - Mariage Frères

Product characteristics:

Mariage Frères
Country:  France
Region: Paris

Size: Loose Tea in a Tin. 100g 

Type: Poetic black tea - Jardin Premier*

Hibiscus, Liquorice & Lychee

"A poetic composition inspired by a Parisian stroll and the unforgettable verse by Apollinaire : « below the Mirabeau bridge there flows the Seine…».

Time passes but precious memories remain unchanged, just like the voluptuous and charismatic flavours of this tea whose infusion shines passion red.

The cool, sparkling notes of anise and liquorice blend magnificently with the intensity of hibiscus flower, rose and mallow refined by the soft fruitiness of lychee." - Mariage Frères

PREPARATION TIPS: 2,5 g / 20 cl - 95°C - 5 min

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