Mariage Frères OPÉRA RHAPSODY®

Mariage Frères OPÉRA RHAPSODY®

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Orepa Rhapsody - Mariage Frères

Product characteristics: 

Mariage Frères

Flavored white tea, Jardin Premier*

Country:  France
Region: Paris
Size: 30 Tea Bags

Type: White Tea 

"Like a night at the Opera, this lush composition of white tea with rose reflections is rich with melodious accents of vanilla and red fruits OPÉRA RHAPSODY® warms the palate with notes as velvety as the voice of a tenor.

A black box accented with orange and gold evokes the limelight.
"- Mariage Frères

PREPARATION TIPS : 1 muslin / 20 cl - 95°C - 7 min

Characteristics : #White tea   #Jardin Premier   #Rhapsody®