Mariage Frères  MILKY BLUE (3.5oz / 100g Tin)

Mariage Frères MILKY BLUE (3.5oz / 100g Tin)

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Milky Blue - Mariage Frères

Product characteristics:
Mariage Frères
Country:  France
Region: Paris

Size: Loose Tea in a Tin. 100g 

Type: Blue Tea 

"Made with the utmost respect for the traditional methods specific to grand Blue Teas™, the youngest leaves of this quality tea are picked early in the morning, when the fragrances of the plantation blend with the colours of dawn, then worked one by one and rolled, before being suffused with an elegant milky vapor.
Dried leaves : The gently rolled, deep green leaves recall a pleasing and comforting fragrance of melted white chocolate joined by a wispy hint of gianduja gracefully carried by a note of ‘panettone’ from the Piedmont.
Infused leaves : The first aromas are clearly held together by exotic fruits, a tad tangy like passion fruit and round like ripened lychee while an enveloping note recalling coconut rice manifests, deliciously gourmand.
Liquor : Opalescent orange. A natural link between terroir and the cup: the nose of the liquor is a perfect reflection of the leaf (dried and infused). Delicate notes of candied chestnut and creme patissiere charm the palate, caressed by the cup’s milky, supple texture.
An ode to eternal pleasures." - Mariage Frères