Mariage Frères JELLY MONTAGNE D'OR (240g)

Mariage Frères JELLY MONTAGNE D'OR (240g)

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Jelly Montagne D'or - Mariage Frères

Product characteristics: 

Mariage Frères
Country:  France
Region: Paris
Size: 240g. Glass Jar 

Ingredients : Mariage Frères tea, cane sugar, fruit pectin, lemon juice.

Created by the Mariage family in the 19th century, these collection of tea jellies, manufactured in the traditional way in copper pans, are a wonderful accompaniment to toast, brioches and scones.
The fruit of this ancestral knowledge, this tea jelly, flavoured with fruits from the Golden Triangle mountains, combines its subtlety with the splendour of the best teas.” - Mariage Frères