Mariage Frères PARIS IN LOVE®

Mariage Frères PARIS IN LOVE®

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Paris in Love - Mariage Frères

Product characteristics: 

Mariage Frères

Flavoured Blue Tea, Jardin Premier* 

Country:  France
Region: Paris
Size: 30 Tea Bags

Type: Blue Tea

"Dreaming of a cup of tea with all the fragrance of Paris?

Mariage Frères turns dreams into reality by distilling into this blue tea elegant flavours of rose and red fruits, of celebration and strolling along the Seine.
The suave liqueur transports us to the left bank, the bluish infusion brings us back to the right bank and each cup is an enchanting journey to the heart of Paris.

A solar-coloured sleeve adorns the box of tea sachets, evoking the radiance of the City of Light.
" - Mariage Frères

PREPARATION TIPS : 1 muslin / 20 cl - 95°C - 4 min

Characteristics : #Blue tea™   #Jardin Premier